Mercadier, the specialist brand for polished concrete

Mercadier, the specialist brand for polished concrete

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With nearly 200,000m² of surface covered by Mercadier products in ten years, the reputation of the French brand is undeniable! From poured or floated waxed concrete to tinted or colored waxed concrete, Mercadier offers a wide range of choices with which you can make or redo the floors and rooms of your house in waxed concrete. And why not redo one of your waxed concrete furniture? Mercadier puts itself at the service of your decorative ideas to make all your projects possible.

Mercadier: the open path to polished concrete

Created in 2003, Mercadier is the fruit of the imagination of Marie and Xavier Grindel, a couple who wanted to discover a decorative material hitherto little known: waxed concrete. Today, the small French company has developed well since the couple is helped by 25 people, each of them having undergone training on polished concrete upon arrival. To achieve the recognition it currently has regarding its know-how, Mercadier did not hesitate to ask the Experimental Center for Research and Studies in Building and Public Works to test its products and verify them. abrasion, grip, resistance and punching. Mercadier has also distinguished itself from its rivals by remaining close to its customers. Through its training courses open to all, its video coaching, its sales networks and even its television programs, the French brand has chosen to remain accessible ... and it succeeded! Mercadier has also proven itself abroad since 20% of its turnover has been achieved in export.

Why choose Mercadier waxed concrete?

With a wide range of products available in almost 150 colors, Mercadier presents itself as a true expert in waxed concrete, spatulated and poured, plasters and patinas. The French brand offers trendy products and designs that are accessible and usable by both professionals and individuals. Everyone can review their decoration to give it more cachet and more authenticity. Whether it's an outdoor terrace, a walk-in shower, your kitchen worktop, a staircase, a floor or even a wall, all the surfaces of your housing can be covered with waxed concrete for contemporary decoration. The other advantage of Mercadier waxed concrete is its resistance and ease of use. To view all of the products offered by Mercadier, visit its website You can also go to one of the four Mercadier stores located in Aix-en-Provence, Lille, Paris and Rouen or at one of its resellers where you can take advantage of personalized advice tailored to your projects. So, convinced?