A mini-farm at home with Ghislain Journé

A mini-farm at home with Ghislain Journé

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Because many French people would like to welcome animals in their garden, we asked Ghislain Journé, founder of the Farmili site, a few questions to get some advice.

Introduce us to Farmili.com

FARMILI is an e-commerce site specializing in the amateur breeding of small backyard animals. It aims above all to share with as many people as possible the joys of small farming as I have experienced them. It offers everything you need to create and maintain a mini-farm at home (houses, animals, food, accessories, etc.) through four thematic sections. In a few clicks, the visitor can choose the animal house, the appropriate accessory packs, litter boxes and food, as well as the animals he wishes to house there… And have the whole delivered to his home. FARMILI also offers advice through its section The Farmer's Guide, designed to provide clear answers to all the questions that aspiring breeders can ask themselves.

Can everyone welcome a mini-farm in their garden?

Yes. Provided the farm is adapted to the constraints of life in urban and peri-urban areas. What Farmili does. Who says "mini" says some animals: a pair of hens and a farm rabbit for example. Who says "mini" says pretty! The animal house must be aesthetic. For this, FARMILI has designed unique furniture. Who says "mini" says small! The city gardens are perfectly suited to the mini farm. Insofar as the hens have a small garden to frolic, they will be very happy there. To the question of nuisance: hens are not noisy animals, in any case without comparison with a dog! As long as you don't invite a rooster in the barnyard of course. Note in passing that these ladies do without Mister to lay eggs. Finally, common sense is the best judge.

What animals would you recommend to start?

The hen is a must! She is making a comeback in the gardens for excellent reasons: she alone "recycles" 150 kilos of waste per year, delivers around 200 eggs a year (provided that the food is rich and balanced!), familiarize with all the family attached to it as a real pet ... The advantages of the chicken are very numerous, which is why it has conquered all civilizations for thousands of years. On the other hand do not buy a hen alone! Take two if you don't want her to get depressed. You can also opt for the company of quail, which undoubtedly offers animation with an even less need for space. No boiled eggs in perspective with these attractive little poultry, on the other hand small appetizer eggs all year round, to cook in a thousand ways! FARMILI offers these animals for sale directly on the site. To do this we go through professional French breeders, rigorously selected. For mammal enthusiasts, we recommend the rabbit. Not the dwarf rabbit found in garden centers. The real farm rabbit, to choose from the 20 breeds offered by FARMILI, to buy directly from partner breeders in the region who are listed on the site. You will thus help to perpetuate ancient rabbit breeds that only a few enthusiasts can save.

Is a mini-farm expensive?

There is an initial investment with the purchase of housing. For the rest you can build your mini-farm gradually and maintenance over time is very inexpensive: farm animals are, by nature, rustic animals. For housing, outdoor furniture, you have to choose quality, the only guarantee of durability. At € 449, there is a solid wood chicken coop at FARMILI that will satisfy the most demanding, both in terms of aesthetics and quality. Furniture delivered assembled, wire mesh route and transport included. And at 199 €, you will find at FARMILI a dream house for your rabbit. Transport included. At € 690 you will have an exclusive design chicken coop, designed in partnership with a design and landscaping agency.

In terms of decoration, what solutions do you offer to combine beautiful gardens and animals?

Indeed welcoming small animals while preserving the aesthetics of the garden is a real challenge. A challenge that is written in FARMILI's DNA: "Elevate your garden". Quality and aesthetics have presided over the creation of FARMILI furniture and the selection of accessories, power supplies and litter boxes. FARMILI also wanted to offer furniture full of practical tips to exploit the leisure dimension of the mini farm. Design lovers will appreciate the CONTAINER concept chicken coop, which reinvents the chicken coop for the city garden. More traditional apprentice farmers will find their happiness with the CAMBRIDGE chicken coop or the BOUDOIR hutch made of solid wood. Ultimately the FARMILI mini farm will appeal to the whole family as much as to the animals! > More info on //www.farmili.com/