Tableware: everything for your hot drinks

Tableware: everything for your hot drinks

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To help you warm up during this winter period, nothing like a hot drink break. The good news is that at any time of the day, you will have a drink to enjoy, so you will need the right dishes. Follow the guide.

Tea or coffee ?

Whether at breakfast, after the meal or in the afternoon, two clans compete. There are those who will adore coffee and others who swear by tea. So to deal with all situations, you need a service adapted to each of these practices. For coffee, you will opt for espresso cups. You can buy the models offered by your brand of coffee machine (Nespresso, Senseo, etc.) or turn to design models such as the essential crumpled cups from Revol. For tea, you will need to have adequate cups, larger than coffee cups. But above all, you will need a teapot in order to be able to offer the drink to taste. Teapot in cast iron, porcelain or glass, it will be a matter of taste!

Hot chocolate to taste

For children's snacks, hot chocolate always works. To serve it, nothing easier because a bowl or a classic mug will suffice. Play the decor card anyway! You will find colorful models, others with patterns and even some with messages such as "bon appétit". What make the taste more fun.

Hot drinks to go

Finally, to enjoy a hot drink at any time of the day, even when you are not at home, consider the travel mug. It is actually a closed insulated cup that will allow you to keep the heat of your drink to be able to consume it when going to work for example. A real good idea for people in a hurry. Our practical creative leisure videos