Landscape advice: a family garden

Landscape advice: a family garden

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The garden is a place of extraordinary education. Toddlers, toddlers develop their sense of touch and observation and develop their self-confidence by handling the earth, sand and water. When they are older, they learn patience and the rhythm of the seasons and marvel at the mysteries of nature. Space of freedom, games and indulgence, a well-appointed garden will make your children want to drop their game console as soon as the sun appears, so take the time to prepare a beautiful garden for them!

How to arrange a garden for children?

First, take care to avoid all poisonous plants that a little one might want to touch, as well as inedible berry plants. Exit oleanders, crocuses, foxgloves, fritillaries, cyclamen, holly ... A paved, wooden or slab terrace will allow you to play outside when the ground is too wet, but also to ride a tricycle or a bicycle . Very popular with the little ones, the sandbox can be integrated harmoniously into the garden by planting on its edges varieties for sandy soils, such as purslane with large flowers or sagebrush with silver foliage "Silver Queen". At the bottom of the garden, define an area entirely dedicated to children, and offer them a garden shed or a teepee, connected to the terrace by steps of slate garden. They will quickly make it their kingdom and invite their friends there to play princesses and cowboys! Whatever your space, set up a mini vegetable garden and teach your children to sow, plant, water and take care of their crops. Even the most reluctant to vegetables should enjoy eating the beans they have grown all by themselves!

The gardener's advice

Transmit your love of nature to your children by offering them to make a herbarium, take a snack in their cabin, make jams with fruit from the garden or help you plant, cut and repot!

The accessories

A sandbox Set up a "natural" sandbox in a corner of the garden, bordered by plants adapted to sandy soils.
A hut Indispensable to welcome the games and the dreams of the little ones and help them to appropriate part of the garden. To buy in the trade or to build with them! Depending on your space, you can also invest in a teepee, a swing, a garden furniture set for children, a slide, etc.
A potting hut The garden shed is used to store tools and pots and to organize potting or sowing sessions with the family.


Sandbox plants Stipe with membranous glumes (Achnatherum hymenoides ), sedums, purslane with large flowers (Portulaca grandiflora ), népétas, Hélianthèmes (Helianthemum ), Artemisia ludoviciana
Mini-garden Climbing beans on a stake, 18-day radishes, cherry tomatoes, Swiss chard, beans, aromatic plants (all), strawberry plants, sunflowers…
hurdles Currants, raspberries, quince, hazelnut, Mexican orange tree (Choisya ternata ), eleagnus…


Creating a garden for children above all requires taking care of the non-toxicity of the plants and showing imagination. There is no need to invest in a luxurious swing, children generally prefer the cabin made with dad during the holidays! All our Doctor Plants videos