A surreal air in the decor

A surreal air in the decor

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Launched by André Breton in 1924 following the publication of the Manifesto of Surrealism, the surrealist movement continues to inspire contemporary creators like Vincent Darré, François-Xavier Lalanne, Fornasetti and many others, for our greatest pleasure!

We dare surreal furniture

To give an offbeat, dreamlike and poetic atmosphere, you dare to introduce it into your apartment, mainly in your living room, entrance or bedroom, by choosing the most original furniture possible. We then fall for mouth-shaped armchairs, a table supported by capricorns, an eye-shaped mirror, a column of drawers in the shape of a crayfish, a horse lamp ... everything is allowed! So let your imagination run wild and allow yourself a decor where the objects do not really seem to be what they are at first glance. Between dream and reality, we give a surreal air to its interior.

Photo credits: Grouek / Alexis Armanet

We are inspired by Salvador Dali

To give a surreal air to your living room without false note, you can highlight a table reproducing the work of one of the pioneers of surrealism, Salvador Dali. Why not choose among all his paintings the famous canvas of "Swans reflecting elephants" in warm colors, or "The meditative Rose" for a touch of red in your decor? In addition, you can choose stickers and paintings that present a portrait of the famous Spanish artist with wacky mustaches! And that's not all: you will find many articles inspired by the greatest works of Salvador Dali, such as this melted clock, with reference to the table "Soft Watches".

Photo credits: idzif.com / ac-deco

We play on trompe-l'oeil prints

For even more surprise, you can opt for wallpaper that gives a trompe-l'oeil effect to your apartment. Do not hesitate to play on the forms or on an optical and perspective effect to give even more depth to your room. For the living room, we will opt for example for a wallpaper in homage to René Magritte, with a blue sky background and lampposts that reach the clouds… We put a clear armchair, a coffee table and voila.
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