Office corner decoration: I put everything on the walls!

Office corner decoration: I put everything on the walls!

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If you're struggling to make your workspace more attractive and enjoyable, consider your walls! In front of your desk, vertically, a few carefully chosen accessories will add style to your desk.

Support for writing

Slate stickers aligned side by side to form a wall timetable, a cork panel where you can stick your sticky notes and little words, a white board as a vertical notepad or simply a wall coated with paint chalkboard to write on with chalk. Practical and original decoration!

Posters, images, canvases and photos

If we had to choose only a wall decoration for the office, it would be this: photos, magazine images, decorative letters, exhibition cards and reproductions of works of art miniature version, all mismatched version . And yes, this mish-mash of varied sizes and visuals create an ultra graphic look on the wall that looks like you 100%.

A decorative clock

Beautiful and useful, wall clocks are objects to consider to decorate your workspace. Retro, pop, design or minimalist, there is something for everyone! But for those who can not help but watch the time when they work: it is better to abstain ...