I discovered the technique of machine sewing: choosing the right sewing machine

I discovered the technique of machine sewing: choosing the right sewing machine

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Machine sewing is a discipline that requires compulsory equipment for which the budget is not trivial. It will also ask you for some learning time which may discourage more than one ... But if you have the budget to invest and the will to learn, then you will not be disappointed because when we know how to sew by machine, we can achieve an infinite number of pretty things: clothes for young and old but also interior decoration (cushions, curtains ...) for all the rooms of the house ... Suffice to say that you are not ready to get bored! The main question that then arises is that of choosing the so-called sewing machine ... Here are some guidelines to help you make the right choice!

Mechanical or electronic machine: above all a question of budget

Indeed, if you do not want to invest more than 200 euros then this first question is answered: your machine will be mechanical and not electronic. It is only if you have enough to invest more widely that you will also be able to opt for an electronic machine. These often allow faster handling because many adjustments are made automatically unlike the mechanical machine ... In terms of performance, both obviously do the trick. Be aware, however, that mechanical machines are often easier to repair if you have a problem with ... It's up to you to see what you want to prioritize ... and what is your budget!

Sewing stitches

Some machines will offer you a multitude of diverse and varied stitches, but you will probably only use half ... Instead of looking at the number of stitches offered, make sure rather that the width AND the length of these stitches are adjustable, and regardless of the stitch selected… because with a 100% adjustable width and length, a straight stitch, a zigzag stitch, a news item: 737471 jersey / stretch stitch and the buttonhole stitch will already allow you to do a lot of things. Add some decorative points ... and you will already have a lot of fun!

Power and versatility

Look also at its robustness, its power and its versatility which will allow it to sew any type of news: 739845 fabric and also several thicknesses without flinching. The goal is that your machine does not "mill in the semolina", does not skip stitches, does not knot every 2 stitches, in short that you do not tear your hair out every time you want to sew several thicknesses or fabrics with somewhat special characteristics (thick jeans, stretch jersey that is difficult to sew, etc.) The best thing is to be able to try out the machines that catch your eye before falling for one of them. them… and to favor recognized brands: Brother, Pfaff, Singer…

The extra options, which we like ...

Indeed, some small options, certainly not essential will nevertheless make your life easier: the easy needle threader as well as the foot to facilitate the implementation of zippers for example…

Next episode…

Once your sewing machine has been chosen, you will have to think about your sewing kit and be sure to start your learning in the right order ... We will see that in the next article dedicated to the machine sewing technique!