Store books in the living room at low prices

Store books in the living room at low prices

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To give style to the living room, books are accessories of choice provided you know how to enhance them! The good news is that you can find inexpensive storage for your books to decorate the living room.

Small libraries

There's nothing like a library to store books! You will find models of modest size which therefore do not cost very much. You can opt for simple models with a structure and a few shelves. Their simplicity does not detract from the decorative aspect because you will find colorful libraries, other graphics in black or white. The idea is then to play with your books to create the decor for the whole. You can also add decorative objects as bookends for an original touch. Some models have stackable shelving units to create your structure. So you can add as many modules as necessary and spread your expenses by buying small furniture as you go.

Extra storage

Do not hesitate to opt for extra storage to install a few books in the living room. For that, think of the simple shelves of shelf to fix on the wall. Attention, without angle, these shelves support only a little weight. Also check the weight information carefully before installing your entire library. You can put a few books on the TV stand or put other books on the lower shelf of the coffee table. And why not use a side table to put a few books on it? Also note that books can find their place on the floor. To do this, you just need to find decorative storage boxes and place the books vertically. If you do not want to leave the boxes on the ground, they will also find their place on a dresser as a decorative object.