What are natural floor coverings?

What are natural floor coverings?

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Answer: mineral, vegetable or wood, make your choice.

A natural flooring can be made of wood, stone or vegetable fibers. The latter are also particularly trendy, with woven coverings of sea or mountain rush, sisal, coconut or even bamboo. Also derived from plant compounds, linoleum - based on linseed or linseed oil - and natural or recycled rubber, are also natural floor coverings. The choice can also be made on wood, with the traditional solid parquet or, more trendy, bamboo, which is cut from the outside of the rod into strips before assembling them. Stones and rocks are still part of natural coatings, granite, marble, slate, limestone or sandstone. Be careful, however, not to confuse "natural" and "ecological": think of the transport of certain exotic woods for the parquet floors; treatments of vegetable fiber flooring, etc. You too, send us your brico question