Unusual: when the cemetery inspires my decor

Unusual: when the cemetery inspires my decor

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We have all seen the funeral plaques which pay tribute to the deceased on the graves of cemeteries, so when this object is found in the kitchen, it is necessarily a shock! Decor shifted or moved, the verdict belongs to you!

Pied de Poule and its original objects

Usually, the original decorative objects of the Pied de Poule brand are unanimous despite their shift. We particularly appreciated the revisited Breton bowls which displayed the inscriptions "inlay", "unworthy father" or "added piece" but also the "Magic potion" decanters which were inspired by chemical materials. But this time, we wonder if the brand has not gone a little far ... in bad taste.

One foot in the grave

When Pied de poule revisits the cutting board, the brand is directly inspired by the funeral plaques of cemeteries at the risk of shocking more than one. The traditional wooden board then takes the format of a marble plaque and is seen adorned with the inscription "regrets" or "memory" quite confusing. But what does such an object do in the kitchen, part of conviviality, pleasure and life par excellence? All in all, think a little about all those who perished under your kitchen knives: the chicken that you just dismembered on your board, the fish that you open in half to remove the bones ... Isn't that ultimately a how to honor them for so many sacrifices? What do you think ? Are you ready to adopt this board in your kitchen or do you prefer to leave it at the cemetery?


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