Video: planting bamboo in your garden

Video: planting bamboo in your garden

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Passionate about gardening, you want to plant a bamboo in your garden but have no idea what to do? Do you want to know how to take care of it? Sébastien, landscaper, brings you the solution. He describes the different steps for planting a bamboo, taking into account its specificities. It also tells you how to take care of it. Follow his advice, on video!

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The ideal conditions for planting bamboo

Bamboo is part of the Poaceae family. There are 80 genera and no less than 1,200 species of Asian origin (tropical and subtropical). You are therefore spoiled for choice to decorate your garden, especially since it adapts to a tropical, subtropical and temperate climate. It only needs moist soil with a good degree of fertility. While it must remain in the shade at the juvenile stage, the sun is required thereafter, in order to accelerate its development.

The ideal time to plant a bamboo

The advantage of bamboo is that it can be planted at any time of the year. However, it is best to do this at the end of summer, when the soil still retains a little heat, allowing better rooting of the plant, as well as an acceleration of its growth. This is why it is not advisable to tackle it during the spring, because at this period, the soil is quite cold and prevents the development of roots. This stage of the year sees the appearance of young shoots and new leaves.

The steps to plant a bamboo

Planting a bamboo requires following several specific steps. At first, it is essential to dig a fairly deep pit, in which anti-rhizome films must be placed which will prevent your garden from being infested with bamboo roots. These filters are easily found in garden centers. Do not forget to put potting soil in the pit, before planting the plants that you will place in your garden. Space your bamboo about 80cm to give them enough space during their development. It is essential to drown the root to allow a good recovery, because bamboo is a big consumer of water. Once the operation is done, water the plant regularly. You can now plant bamboos in your garden, individually or collectively to form a hedge. Now that Sébastien has revealed his secrets to you, it's your turn to play! Watch the video Plant a bamboo on Produced by Minute Facile.