City balconies, instructions for use

City balconies, instructions for use

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The beautiful days sow with them the pleasure of being outside. And when you are in town this pleasure is increased tenfold. So if you have an outdoor space, as small as it is, give it a little attention so that the first rays of sun are ready to enjoy it. Now open the windows and breathe!

Arrange a window sill

The promise of a pretty view makes more than one dream. Know that this dream is within everyone's reach. To do this, you just need a window sill! Hang beautiful plants from this ledge to create a wall of greenery. Bamboo, honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender and even aromatic herbs, with a little attention, will become in a few weeks a plant curtain of wild beauty. One last piece of advice: pots are also important. For that, keep a homogeneity in the color to highlight the plants!

Create a small balcony

Some balconies are both too small to accommodate a garden table and large enough to become a mini patio. This is often the case with so-called "shooting balconies". Shallow, but quite long, they are a boon that should be honored. You will find at Ikea tables to hang on the railing of your balcony for a minimum space requirement. Likewise no need for chairs, folding stools will suffice to settle down and leaf through a magazine or enjoy a good tea. Then, do not neglect the decor to compose a smooth transition between the interior and the exterior. Sunlamps, colored lanterns, plants will be the end point of a successful decoration.

Arrange a balcony with a vis-à-vis

You are lucky to have a balcony but your happiness is not at its height because of vis-à-vis? Do your neighbors have a direct view of your balcony and you don't even dare to go out to enjoy the slightest ray of sunshine? There are solutions that are both practical and decorative. Start by opting for bamboo canisses that will dress your railing. Then extend this exotic atmosphere, while protecting yourself from prying eyes, by adopting a pergola. As a support for climbing plants, it creates a natural curtain that lets in light and the sun's rays.

Create a north-facing balcony

Always in the shade, your balcony requires special arrangements. To start, you need plants that adapt to orientation. So your green island will consist mainly of hydrangeas. This plant will let in light in winter and summer, it will cover itself with large, beautiful flowering clusters. Ivy will also be welcome. Easy to maintain, it grows very quickly. And jasmine to perfume your atmosphere. Then warm your decoration with warm colors to compensate for the lack of sun. Fuchsia pink, orange, red ... candles, garden furniture or textiles will create a soft and warm atmosphere.