5 cheap decor ideas for the living room

5 cheap decor ideas for the living room

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Sometimes just changing a few things in a room is enough to give it a whole new look. So if you want a new decoration but you do not have a large sum to devote to the change, follow our few very decorative tips.

Staging the wall with paint

Without repainting all of your walls, you can breathe new life into them in the blink of an eye! Treat yourself to a nice can of paint of your choice in a very bright color or in a shade that will create a monochrome with the color you already have and customize your walls. We can for example create a frieze, a basement or even apply geometric shapes in the middle of the wall. To brighten up the living room, we don't hesitate to create colored circles. Note that a can of paint will cost you ten euros.

Decorate furniture with masking tape

For around three euros, you will be able to let your creativity speak without being afraid of damaging your furniture. Thanks to the masking tape, a very decorative Japanese tape, you can apply strips of color or patterns to your furniture. It's up to you to simply create a colored strip to energize the furniture or write a message according to your inspirations.

Changing the cushion covers

Has your sofa had the same cushions for years? Without changing the entire cushion, we change our look by adopting new covers. You will find them at all prices and it will always be cheaper than buying a whole cushion.

Add seats to the floor

To create a new look in your living room, add seats! For example, we create a friendly living room at ground level by adding colorful floor cushions around the coffee table which will cost you around twenty euros each.

Promote your magazines

All the magazines you read will finally find use. Thanks to a special strap that will cost you around thirty euros, they will transform into an original seat that highlights your favorite tracks. If that’s not recycling!