Teens and bed linen

Teens and bed linen

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Choosing the bed linen for teens is not an easy task! Not only must the latter please them and be trendy but it must also find its place in the decor of their room. And let's not forget the practical aspect which is essential! Here are some tips to help you find your way!

A duvet cover if nothing

Before finding the design model that will suit your teen, first think about what he needs. And if you want him to make his bed one day, you don't have to bet on flat sheets, blankets or other complicated bed linen. Offer him a duvet and its cover so that he just has to pull it to give an acceptable shape to the bed. Avoid adding plaids and bedspreads as this would probably end up on the floor. On the other hand, extra cushions will not be too much for your teenager to settle in at will in the bed.

A quilt cover with style

Now comes the choice of colors and patterns for the duvet cover. Of course, you can opt for a solid model that will integrate easily into the bedroom by using one of the flagship colors. But what really appeals to teens are the patterns that will give character to the whole. Urban teenagers will undoubtedly crack on a set with New York buildings and addicted to sms will bet on duvet covers with messages or with smileys. One thing is sure, you need to make sure that the design will not be "too much" in a room that is already loaded and explain to your teen that bed linen will be the centerpiece of the decor! The best is to make the choice with him to refer him and offer him objective advice!