What colors should be given for a graphic room?

What colors should be given for a graphic room?

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Do you want to highlight a decoration with a sleek design in your room? Then bet on colors that will accentuate the graphic atmosphere of your room. Here are some color tips!

Black and white, winning duo

The colors of a graphic room must imperatively play with contrasts to accentuate this style. And when it comes to colors, nothing stands in the way of white and black! This duo, very trendy for the start of the school year, is therefore ideal for giving a graphic style. We can for example oppose black furniture to white walls, or the opposite if we only paint a section of wall in black. Know that on a white wall, it will be very easy to give a graphic note by using for example black frames to create an art gallery where colors and geometric shapes will be your allies. Also think of the floor that you can also choose in black with stained wood, vinyl or tiles that you will then accessorize with white rugs like sheepskins. And if you want to push the graphic aspect to its maximum, dare the floor in a checkerboard fashion. Besides, you can also play with accessories that use these two colors. We think for example of a textile with black and white patterns that you can use for bed linen for example. Tiles, lines, polka dots, whatever the pattern, it's the alternation of black and white that will give the visual appearance of the linen in your room. Be aware that if you find the mixture of black and white too sharp, it also works with gray that you will then use with white for a softer atmosphere but no less graphic.

The touch of color

If life in black and white lacks a bit of fantasy for your taste, know that you can not only add a third color to this duo but also replace black or white with a brighter color. For example, red will be a graphic ally of choice that will go just as well with one as with the other and even both. It can be brought in thanks to a few decorative accessories such as a cushion or a vase, but also thanks to larger pieces such as furniture. Note that it works with all bright colors if you want to give a dynamic atmosphere to your room. Do you want a softer atmosphere? You just have to choose a softer color! Contrary to what one might think, pink will work, for example, very well for a feminine touch in an environment that is always as graphic. Do not hesitate to use for example bed linen with pink patterns (stripes or flowers) with an intense black plaid. Here, it is then the mixture of styles that will create a real graphic game in your room in a masculine / feminine way. If you are a couple, why not cut the bed in half with one side pink and the other black? Each will have its color side while providing the room with a graphic and very decorative look.