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. DOMENA EasyLife neo steam generator iron For the ironing board: Dragonfly ironing board Available in large food stores and in specialized stores DOMENA - DC37 Allergy Muscle Parquet vacuum cleaner: The DC37 Allergy Musclehead Parquet features patented Radial Root Cyclone ™ technology, which does not lose suction. It rests on a ball which turns on itself, so that you direct it without difficult maneuvers. Equipped with a HEPA filter for people suffering from allergies, a self-adjusting brush and a special brush for articulated hard floors. DYSON


. Decorative concrete floors: Nuantis Empreinte printed finish, imitation black tiles for the New York bedroom and imitation wooden planks (gray) for the living room made using the same process as the outside aisle. The experensol network: The companies which are members of the experensol® network, qualifying decorative outdoor concrete are qualified and recognized by CEMEX for their ability to install, according to the rules of the art, the concrete of the brand Nuantis® Outdoor floors. On the website of our network to put on your M6 deco site individuals or professionals can find the list of qualified applicators by department and finish of decorative products and have information on decorative products. // CEMEX Decorative concrete was applied by ICAUNAISE DE TRAVAUX PUBLICS Use of decorative concrete of the "printed" type. This technique makes it possible to obtain an original, varied and durable surface appearance (Parisian paving stone / Roman paving / rock / parquet…) for the realization of exterior and interior floors (terrace / driveway / garage path / exterior landscaping of the swimming pool…) ICAUNAISE OF PUBLIC WORKS href = "mailto: [email protected]"> [email protected] Rue de industrie 89100 MALAY-LE-GRAND T: 03 86 95 01 75 F: 03 86 64 17 14


. O2MAT : Unikalo brand paint, for neat decoration with a very taut matt appearance. Available in more than 50,000 shades. Resistance to polishing superior to traditional matt paints, no recovery. Ecolabel and Excell green zone certified. Colors produced for the show: MANOUCHE, RATOUNET AQUARYL SATIN : Unikalo brand paint, satin based on acrylic resins in aqueous phase, great whiteness, quick drying and high filling power. Ecolabel and Excell green zone certified. UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer To find our nearest showroom: Tel. : LW2090: Set of 2 decorative kitchen plates in enameled iron THE HERITER OF TIME 2 shops and a warehouse: // Mail: [email protected] Telephone: 0971338096


. AQUARYL MAT : Unikalo brand paint, mat appearance based on acrylic resin in aqueous phase. This paint is intended for interior for the decoration of the usual supports of the building. Ecolabel certified. UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer To find our nearest showroom: [email protected] Tel. :


. Interior door with careful design, rosewood finish with two aluminum inserts, available as standard with new European standards, custom-made, renovation on existing frame. E COULISS Visit our site // Contact us: [email protected]


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