Mistakes to Avoid With Office Organization

Mistakes to Avoid With Office Organization

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Whether you work from your apartment or in a giant open-space, the advice for tidying up your office is suitable for everyone. At home or within the company, certain tips can improve your productivity and not be overwhelmed. To find the happy medium between ultra organization and super draft, follow the decor and practical advice of the editorial staff.

Error to avoid number 1: let yourself be overwhelmed

The most drafts of us always find the excuse of being able to find themselves in their disorder. Overwhelmed by the situation and the mountain of papers piling up, the others are often discouraged and give up. Most often alas, this is wrong! Nobody can find anything in this type of office. But they lie so that nobody bothers them about it even if it means reprinting the same lost document five times or rummaging for hours to find a post-it note on which important information was noted. If you know someone like you, don't give up and insist on helping them. The person in question can only thank you. If you are yourself, consider asking for help. There is no shame! Is organization not your major asset? Do not panic, get help from someone for whom it is easy and do the same in a field of expertise where you excel. Good exchanges build and solidify friendships!

Error to avoid number 2: display a schedule or to do list

No misunderstanding, the schedules and the to do list, understanding "lists of things to do", are useful in everyday life for an organized work. But sometimes you have to know how to part with it. To leave to return better, in oneself. At the start of the week, arriving at the office on Monday morning, we take a quick look at our schedule to estimate the needs and obligations for the days to come. At the end of it, in a hurry to be on a weekend, we once again think of opening our agenda or list to check what has been done. We leave the office with a light heart, morale boosted and the ego plump. The trap is to be clinging to your schedule like a squirrel to your hazelnut in winter. By dint of spending your day there, you waste time on your real work to provide and you only underestimate yourself.

Error to avoid number 3: choose unsuitable accessories

Do you have a lot of invoices and paper documents? Invest in a dozen binders that you will place near you in height. You work exclusively on your computer, an external hard drive and regular backups can save you the day. Are you a creative with material? Pencil holders, pencil case and graphic tablet cover are your best allies. Everyone must adapt their office to their profession. An accountant and a doctor will not have the same needs in terms of furniture and accessories. It is by making these purchases that you can also think of the decoration of your room. Avoid garish colors that excite and prevent work. If your office is also your reception area (customers, patients, colleagues) bet on a simple and discreet decoration. The office remains a business space and not the opportunity to install your personal photos throughout the room. Each evening, also remember to quickly put away what is lying around, to start off on the right foot the next morning!