In drawing, recovery idea: make your curtain with cork stoppers

In drawing, recovery idea: make your curtain with cork stoppers

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As you saw in the previous tutorials, it is easy to recycle many materials to make pretty decorations: rolls of toilet paper to make wall frescoes, wrapping paper to design storage baskets, transformed glass bottles in vases… Today, if you decide to keep all the corks of your empty bottles, you can very easily make a very nice curtain to separate 2 rooms of the house with lightness. This funny decoration will also be perfect for dressing up your children's room! To make this curtain, you will need: - 1 sufficient quantity of cork stoppers - 1 assortment of rolls of "masking tape" adhesives - cotton thread and better still "Baker twine" twine, this cotton twine, quite thick, nicely twisted and two-tone! - 1 drill or, failing that, 1 hammer and 1 nail - 1 handful of beads matching the masking tape - 1 large needle - 1 pair of scissors - thumbtacks to hang the wires


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