Fabrice Spironello explains natural swimming

Fabrice Spironello explains natural swimming

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For some time now, traditional swimming pools have not been the only solution for enjoying a swimming area because natural pools are becoming more and more attractive. To help you better understand natural swimming, landscape designer Fabrice Spironello takes stock for you.

What is natural swimming?

A natural bath is a basin suitable for bathing and whose water treatment is done in a biological or natural way, that is to say without the addition of chemicals and without abiotic treatment (devoid of life). It is the result of a suitable hydraulic system, the water of which is mechanically filtered by various layers of aggregates (small rock fragments) and chemically depleted (nitrates, phosphates, metals, etc.) by the action of plants.

Who is this type of pool for?

With natural swimming, the water quality is comparable to that of mountain lakes (the temperature more!). It is therefore ideal for people with allergies or skin diseases who do not find their happiness in the choice of traditional pool offered. More generally, these pools can correspond to anyone wishing to adopt a natural environment.

Is natural swimming more expensive than a traditional swimming pool?

For an identical swimming surface, the construction of a natural swimming pool is indeed slightly more expensive than that of a traditional swimming pool. On the other hand, the maintenance cost will be comparable to that of a conventional swimming pool. The use of these two products is completely different, it is thus difficult to establish a comparison only on the dimension "price". It should not be forgotten that with the exception of the sunniest regions of France, a traditional swimming pool spends ¾ of the year covered! It therefore offers an unattractive vision in a garden ... unlike a natural swim that changes with the seasons. Natural swimming is not just a summer swimming spot. It is also a natural environment and an ecosystem that promote the return of biodiversity in its garden, which we can enjoy all year round. In spring, we will appreciate the growth of young plants and the hatching of various water flowers: iris, water lilies ... In summer, we will be enchanted by the dance of the dragonflies in bright colors and after swimming, the children will be able to get excited discovering the fauna of the basin: tadpoles, newts ... Autumn will produce the most beautiful effects with plants whose flamboyant colors are reflected on a mirror of darkened water. Winter and the first frost will transform the basin into a forest of frosty plants. For 365 days, a natural swim brings satisfaction, discovery and rest. So if we compare the investment over a whole year of use compared to a traditional swimming pool that we will use about 3 months per year, I let you do the calculation yourself!

How is the construction going?

Construction methods have an impact on the cost of the project. They can be very simple and confine themselves to an earthwork on the ground without masonry for what we will rather call "swimming pond". There are also much more elaborate, fully masonry "pool" type constructions, the structure of which will be identical to traditional swimming pools.

Does natural swimming require a lot of maintenance?

It all depends on the level of requirement of the user, but at least as much as a traditional swimming pool. It is necessary to carry out a regular cleaning of the biofilm, that is to say the film which covers the walls (with the possibility of using a robot), to monitor the various filters, to cut the plants ... It is a medium natural, it is therefore necessary to accept and understand how it works: in fact, unlike chlorinated basins, it will sometimes be difficult to control the constancy and stability of water - hence the advantage of being supported by a professional for its maintenance.

Any last advice?

To have a natural swimming, it is necessary above all to keep in mind that it is a natural environment which evolves with the seasons and climatic conditions. From there, you can take full advantage of it by offering you a natural, peaceful and peaceful living environment in which you can also bathe.